Blaisdell Dental Procedures

One of the health care providers you should see regularly is a general dentist. We see dentists regularly as a way to prevent disease, nearly 65 percent of dental procedures are done as a preventive or diagnostic measure. Oral health and hygiene is of the utmost importance for helping to avoid the progression of oral diseases. When dental issues are left untreated they can result in pain, discomfort and big dental costs.

General dentists care for people of all ages and do routine visits for all members of your family. They do an examination of your mouth which includes the teeth and gums, a professional cleaning and discuss your dental health. If tooth decay is discovered they may do a filling to treat the affected tooth. There are many other services a dentist provides beyond fillings and exams.

What does a General Dentist do?

General dentists provide a variety of services that are provide many different services that aide in your oral health.