Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Having wisdom teeth removed is so common that up to 85% of adults have had it done. Your wisdom teeth are molars that are in the very back of your mouth. They are referred to as 3rd molars in the dental profession. There are four wisdom teeth: upper left, upper right, lower left, and lower right. Generally, these teeth erupt in late teens or early twenties but in some cases may fail to erupt or become impacted. This is generally due to lack of room in the jaw or angle of entry. The most common type of impacted wisdom tooth is "mesial", meaning that the tooth is angled forward toward the front of your mouth. However, there are many ways a wisdom tooth may be impacted.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

It is important to look for signs of an impacted wisdom tooth because once it becomes impacted it will likely need to be removed. If it is not removed, you could develop gum tenderness, swelling, or severe pain. Impacted wisdom teeth that are partially or fully erupted tend to be quite difficult to clean and are susceptible to tooth decay, recurring infections, and even gum disease around the tooth.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Every patient's situation is different. Our office will use diagnostic imaging to decide the best treatment plan while making sure your needs are met. If extraction is recommended, it is best to have them removed sooner than later. Typically, wisdom teeth are best removed in the late teens or early twenties because there is a greater chance that the teeth's roots have not fully formed and the bone surrounding the teeth is less dense. Not having a fully formed root and having less bone surrounding the teeth can make extraction easier.

Dr. Blaisdell will work with you to make this procedure as pain-free as possible. We have the option to use sedation dentistry for those that are typically anxious when having dental work done. Dr. Blaisdell will handle most procedures in the office, but will refer to an oral surgeon for very complex situations.

If you suspect that you or your loved one is having an issue with wisdom teeth, or 3rd molars, please contact our office immediately.