What You Should Know About Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is gaining in popularity thanks to its promise of virtually “pain free” treatment options. Often, the thought of pain alone can trigger enough anxiety to keep someone away from the dentist far longer than they should. What started out years ago as a simple fix may have become something far more complex, requiring even more time in the dental chair.

When administered by a licensed dentist anesthesiologist, sedation dentistry is very safe and offers the patient an opportunity to get the treatment they need without the fear of pain. Dr. Ryan Judd, a board-certified dentist anesthesiologist, says “anesthesia is important because it eliminates pain and anxiety during your procedure. It allows your dentist more time to perform complicated procedures and reduce physical shock and emotional stress. All medications used are state of the art, considered safe, and used as intended.” Dr. Judd also said, “through clinical skill and modern electronic equipment, dental anesthesiologists monitor your vital signs (pulse, breathing, blood pressure, oxygen level, and heart rhythm) and assures they are maintained normally throughout your procedure.”

If you’re in good health and think you may experience problems with a treatment, sedation dentistry may be right for you. Problem patients may include those that struggle to cooperate during treatment such as kids, the elderly and adults that have a fear of the dentist. Many times, just knowing that the pain will not be an issue will be enough to relieve the stress that normally accompanies a dental visit. This ensures patients do not skip treatments and are able to keep their dental health up to date.

Whether you need general anesthesia (unconscious state) or moderate sedation (awake, but relaxed and comfortable), the dentist anesthesiologist will work together with your dentist to make sure you are safe and comfortable throughout the entire procedure. The goal is to keep up with your dental care despite any anxiety or fear you may have.

If you’ve avoided the dentist in the past, Blaisdell Dental Center, Caldwell’s Family Dentist, can help get you on the road to great oral health! If you need help calming your nerves, don’t worry, sedation dentistry makes the treatment far less stressful.

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