Why Regular Dental Checkups and Professional Cleanings are Important to Overall Health

Proper dental care is a vital part of your oral health and a true preventative measure to keep your teeth strong and healthy. However, taking care of your teeth and gums have benefits well beyond your mouth! Regular home care is important but professional cleanings are also very important. Here are five reasons oral checkups and professional cleanings are a must!

First, regular cleanings reduce plaque and cuts down on the chances of developing cavities. Plaque is just a fact of life. It commonly forms along the gum lines as a thin film on your enamel. It needs to be removed to keep your tooth enamel from being affected. Regular flossing and brushing help, but professional dental cleanings can reach areas that you cannot reach with a tooth brush or floss.

Second, regular cleanings prevent tooth loss. Gum disease is a significant risk of plaque buildup. If not treated, tooth decay can occur and move into the gums and additional tooth surfaces. This can cause the bones in your mouth to weaken, leading to the possibility of tooth loss!

Third, regular dental cleanings can remove stains. Soft drinks and coffee are known for causing stains on your teeth. A professional cleaning can help to remove these stains from your teeth and create a brighter whiter smile. A whiter smile can improve your confidence, leading to many other benefits in your life.

Fourth, professional dental cleanings can help freshen your breath. Fresh breath can come from brushing and flossing but dental care can help for more serious conditions such as halitosis. Keeping your teeth healthy is the first step to a healthy mouth and breath fresh.

Finally, regular trips to the dentist is important to your overall health as well. Gum disease and poor oral health leads to a host of additional health conditions like heart disease, diabetes and more. Regular cleanings and dental checkups are a vital part of early detection, and even prevention, of some more serious conditions!

Taking care of your oral health care is a vital part of your overall health. It’s important to take your oral health seriously and get regular cleanings and checkups. Dental visits do not have to be scary. With the right team, you can improve your overall oral health without the stress and worry!

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